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  • Welcome to Fidusz' Home Page at this small corner of the Web! (By the way Fritz Schumacher said: "Small is beautiful...")



    This is a nice rain 
    The nature has opened for its' tears 
    This picture touches you  
                 as the purple sunlight 
    Appears in the hole 
                 beetween the clouds 
    Slowly you arrive in the holy Paris 
    And your eyes getting closed again 

    Arnhem, october 1995

    50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration  
    of Human Rights - Amnesty International is collecting signatures for a pledge  

    Standard AAVSO Variable Star Charts 

    R CrB fading! 

    Variable stars.. 

    Then some astronomy, nature conservation, peace, nonviolence and some news from the Agóra - my favourite home pages (some of them I work for...) 

    When I'll grow up, have many time, then I'll prepare these pages more beautiful...