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    This is a nice rain 
    The nature has opened for its' tears 
    This picture touches you 
                 as the purple sunlight 
    Appears in the hole 
                 beetween the clouds 
    Slowly you arrive in the holy Paris 
    And your eyes getting closed again 

    Arnhem, october 1995

     Letter to Osmam Murat Ülke
     in the Ankara prison

    I've been with you tonight, this morning 
    Under the sky.
    I told your story to my friends, the stars.
    They were cold there out in space
    Because of this foggy haze 
    Here on Earth.
    They informed me about sending their messanger 
    To the sun. 
    She fell in deep sadness 
    Fearing for you, she donned 
    Her black funeral, 
    And hid behind the Moon
    Not to see the shame, but after 
    A while she returned 
    Shining for you today. And the stars 
    Are gonna back this evening
    To send their greeting glory to you
    Deep with love

    Brussels, october 1996